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Kay’s Blog: Letter to the Editor of the Times Union sent 8/15/12

To the Editor, Times Union


Congressman Chris Gibson has a half-page  advertisement in today’s paper (August 16, 2012) in which he says. “Why are some in congress pushing to raise your premiums on Medicare Part D?…One plan would add Medicaid-style price controls to Medicare Part D.”

He ends by asking us to “Call [and] thank him for protecting Medicare and keeping Part D premiums low”  by opposing HR2190. (emphasis mine)

His message seemed so dire I looked up HR2190 to see what was in it.  I went to  Among the information I received, in

addition to the actual text, was an estimate of how likely it would come to passage.  The answer was a 2% chance of ever being enacted. It won’t even emerge from the committee hearing. So

strange that Gibson is so alarmed by it. Or that he wants to alarm you. Why would he do that?


I think he just wants us to think he is “protecting Medicare” from the deficit hawks in his own party.  

His tune has changed considerably since he found himself in a more progressive district than before. 

However, his voting record belies his new touchy-feely concern for Medicare—or even yet Medicaid—recipients.  

He has voted for the Ryan budget plan that would turn Medicare into a voucher system.  He has tried to put space between himself and Ryan’s Plan recently, but he still believes the voucher system will work just fine because the “free market” forces will cause insurance costs to go down.


The Republican Party has been trying to eviscerate Medicare ever since it was set up—and now they see their chance.  And if you think that Chris Gibson will “protect Medicare” for you, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.


By the way, the text of the bill begins with this :


HR 2190


To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to require drug manufacturers to provide drug rebates for drugs dispensed to low-income individuals under the Medicare prescription drug benefit program.

I invite you to read the whole bill and then call Gibson’s staff and have them tell you how it threatens Medicare Part D, if it ever gets out of committee. How this would cause your premiums to go up, I don’t know. I’m sure his staff can spin some story for you. Just don’t buy it.

Vote Democratic: Save Medicare.

Kay Abraham  518-57-5404


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  1. Arthur Schiff

    Dear Kay:

    Gibson’s efforts to keep his job are no more responsive and responsible than Schriebman’s efforts to get his job. They both keep a blind eye, one on ObamaCare’s strengths and and one on its weaknesses.

    If either of these gents, or Obama for that matter, were required to teach a class on Affordable Care to students of public policy at say, New Paltz, they would be eviscerated while trying to explain its internal conflicts, its budget projections and its underlying assumptions.

    Try reading about and getting a handle on the $716 billion in Medicare savings or cost cutting in the bill. Obama says it is savings, but does it go into the bank? No, it is used to subsidize Medicaid and the cost of insurance for low-income. But Romney/Ryan wants the money restored to Medicare, thereby increasing the deficit, they promised to reduce.

    What I don’t fully understand is why anyone buys the act of either of these guys, congressional or presidential. It’s as if we remove our brains when when get enthralled with a political line.

    We, all of us, should be demanding that these guys come clean and stop messing with us.

    Enthusiasms notwithstanding, politics is not religion.

    Your friend,


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