What's going on in Germantown?

Special Town Board Meeting Aug 23, 2012

I did not attend this meeting, although it was referred to in the previous meeting on Monday the 20th. It was convened to award the bids received for the roof repair. Fortunately, I have the Draft Minutes to send to you. See below

Preliminary Draft minutes of August 23, 2012 Special Germantown Town Board Meeting, held at the Germantown Town Hall, Germantown, NY, commencing at 7:00pm.

Present:           Councilwoman Joan Snyder

Councilman Joel Craig

Councilman Michael Mortenson

Councilman Don Westmore

Not Present:    Supervisor Roy Brown

Recorded by:  Town Clerk Charlene Diehl

Motion to appoint Councilman Craig to chair the meeting was made by Councilwoman Snyder and seconded by Councilman Mortenson.

Councilwoman Snyder:           Aye                             Councilman Mortenson:           Aye

Councilman Westmore:           Aye

The board spoke with town lawyer, Tal Rappleyea, via speakerphone and expressed their concern about the fact that the Request for Bid for the Highway Garage Roof was not correct; the bid went out for a standing seam roof and the current roof on the garage is a structural panel roof.  Mr. Rappleyea advised that the board could award a bid to the lowest bidder and then request a change order or they could rebid the Request for Bid.

Motion and recommendation to reject all bids due to an error in the bid specifications, and issue a new bid package with specifications to be written by the town engineer, with a due date for the bids of 12:00pm on Friday, September 14, 2012, bid opening after 12:00pm on Friday, September 14, 2012 and the recommendation/awarding of a bid on Monday, September 14, 2012 was made by Councilman Mortenson and seconded by Councilwoman Snyder.

Councilwoman Snyder:           Aye                             Councilman Craig:                   Aye

Councilman Mortenson:           Aye                             Councilman Westmore:           Aye

Councilman Westmore asked Mr. Rappleyea who has authority to enter into a contract for services or goods and Mr. Rappleyea responded the town board is the only authority.  Councilman Mortenson indicated he will send Mr. Westmore the applicable part of the town law that speaks to the issue.

Councilwoman Snyder said she had discussed with Supervisor Brown the $1.4 million from the Facilities Development Corporation that was discussed at Monday’s board meeting to address repairs/upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Facility and which other board members were hesitant about moving forward with.  Mrs. Snyder expressed her concern that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) would come down and mandate repairs that the town would be required to make, and that if the town doesn’t use the money they will lose it.

Mr. Rappleyea agreed that there is a possibility that the DEC could issue a notice of repairs and would have concrete dates that the town would have to meet for noted repairs.

Councilman Craig indicated he was unsure about what the money was, and where the authorization to borrow the money came from, and what the money is to be used for, as he did not recall any motion for Supervisor Brown to apply for a loan.

Mr. Craig said the board wanted a study to see what the impact would be, they are now aware of what the repair options are, and the most expensive option is nowhere near the $1.4 that is referenced, and he feels the board should wait until the grant information is decided before moving forward.  If the $1.4 is more of a ‘pre-approval’ and a formal application needs to follow he is fine with applying for the money once it is determined what the costs will be for the repairs.  He would like more information from Supervisor Brown about exactly what the $1.4 represents.

Councilwoman Snyder said Supervisor Brown’s concern is that the DEC could come down and mandate repairs, and Councilman Craig agreed that they could, but the most expensive repair option would cost the town $500,000, which is nowhere near the $1.4 referenced.

Councilman Mortenson said he is unsure if the request from Supervisor Brown is to apply or permission to take the loan.

Councilman Craig said he wants to know exactly what the money would be spent for, and doesn’t see the need to expand the district currently as the town is now at half capacity.

Councilman Westmore indicated he will contact Supervisor Brown to discuss the matter further.

Motion to adjourn the special town board meeting made by Councilwoman Snyder and seconded by Councilman Westmore.

Respectfully submitted,


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