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Chuck and I spent three hours up at the Chatham Columbia County Fair staffing the Democratic booth with candidate information. It is generally sort of a downer because the dominant political views among the attendees are either Republican or the “we don’t vote, all politicians are crooks.” variety. However we had some very pleasant encounters with ardent Democrats–mostly women, mostly big fans–there is no other word–of Gillibrand.

But generally, even though we are looking forward to the Democratic Convention this week, the polls seem discouraging in their closeness. For an antidote that served me well take a look at the NY Times political blogger, “FiveThirtyEight”, written and researched by Nate Silver, recognized as the most accurate analyst of the many polls in the country. You can find him at

The graphs he provides are encouraging and just what one needs when one feels that all may be lost.

Julian Schreibman, our candidate for the 19th Congressional District, now occupied by Chris Gibson, is opening his Hudson campaign office this Thursday with an “Opening” celebration from 6 to 8 PM with refreshments. The office will be open into the night for a Convention Party to watch the President to make his acceptance speech. WE seriously hope he will have lawn signs there for us to distribute—they have been late in coming.

Remember the date of Saturday September 22nd, from 3 to 5 PM for our fund raising event for Julian. Details will follow soon!

Kay 537-5404
6 to 8 PM


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