What's going on in Germantown?

Town Board Meetings, Budget Workshops In October

Next Town Board Meeting 7PM  on Oct. 15th

Brief Public Hearings on:

Employee Cell Phone Use law and on the proposed amendments to the Animal  Control law

will be held at 6:45 PM, prior to the Regular Town Board meeting on Oct. 15th

There will be a series of budget meetings scheduled at 6 PM as follows:

Thursday, Oct. 4th at the Activities building

Tuesday, Oct. 16th at Town Hall

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd at Town Hall

Tuesday, Oct. 30th at Town Hall

These are Workshop meetings at which the public may observe and may sometimes contribute to or may ask questions for clarity.  The process is to take the Department requests and, through a series of discussions and decisions among the Board members present, to arrive at a Budget which can be officially presented to the public at the Public Hearing, November 13th, after which the Board will adopt the next year’s budget and set the tax rate.


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