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Town Board’s Special Meeting Sept 26th: Lake Restoration, etc.

Germantown Town Board Special Meeting, Sept 26, 2012

The Germantown Town Board held a Special Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 26, 2012 at 6 PM, convened at the Kellner Activities building. Attending were Supervisor Roy Brown, Joel Craig, Mike Mortensen, and Don Westmore.  The purpose was to see a presentation from JJRT, specialists in Pond Management for some solution to the problem with the Town’s lake.

The firm, a local family business in Livingston, has a management system that relies on a combination of deep aeration, the addition of aerobic bacteria to consume the excess nutrition that collects in the lake, and reduction of the muck that accumulates at the bottom of the lake. Reducing the excess nutrients in the water as well as “digesting” the muck will reduce or eliminate the pernicious Duckweed  and watermeal plants which need that enriched food to thrive. The elements used in the plan uses no toxic chemicals or herbicides, there is no EPA license required to administer, and the water is safe for fish, swimmers and pets. It requires an initial investment in the compressors, hoses and aerators, but the additives and maintenance needs are quite low in monthly cost. (The aerators we have move water only within the top level and do not penetrate the stratification of warm and cold water that exists.)

Currently  are some large triploid grass carp ( they are sterile) in the lake.  Since they are herbivors and they will not  harm other fish. JJRT suggested that using the smaller Koi fish might work well in conjunction with their system.  They are more likely to help rid the Lake of the remaining watermeal.

For a lake the size of ours and for one with the unusual shape that our lake has, they recommend two compressors with associated hoses and aerators, one each set up at each end of the lake.  This is to make sure the whole volume of the water is mixed thoroughly and not allowed to settle into a cold low-oxygen mass at the bottom and a warm high-oxygen top level.

They suggest that although the initial cost is high, the system provides an on-going solution to keeping the Lake usable and attractive for the future.  If the pond were to be dredged it would cost more than this system and then, without a good aeration system put in place, it would soon revert back to its current condition.

Questions were asked and answered and the board will consider this as an alternative to the costly dredging that seemed so necessary before hearing about the JJRT system. More detailed information was requested and the decision will be made soon. Board members will study the issues to help them make a decision.

[If you have information or questions about Lake treatment, contact a Board Member about your concerns and/or attend next month’s Board Meeting–Ed.]

The Board then turned its attention to the issues of revision of the Town’s Policy Manual.  Right now it is not organized well as new elements are not in sequence making it difficult to search.  It is not on-line for access.  There may be overlapping rules and even some contradicting ones.  A previous Board had heard a presentation from a consulting company who would have been glad to take care of all this, but at an exorbitant price.  Board Members feel they can make improvements themselves by diligent work.

Roy will ask Austin to get what they have on-line and Board members will review and make recommendations.

The Board discussed setting in place the RFPs for the Professional Services for the town:  Engineer, and Accountant, so that appointments could be made at the January Organizational meeting.  Mike Mortenson said that the County Controller’s website has good templates for RFPs for Professional Services.

Roy advises that they need 3 more people to serve on the Ethics Committee. Please think about who might serve.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM

Additions and corrections welcomed.

Kay Abraham


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