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My Notes on The Town Board Meeting, October 15, 2012

Supervisor Roy Brown called the meeting to order at 7:02 Pm. Present were Mike Mortenson, Don Westmore and Joel Craig.  Joan Snyder was absent.  Donna Diehl was filling in for Charlene Diehl to perform the duties of the Town Clerk.  The Attorney, Tal Rippleayea was also in attendance.

The Board Members quickly approved the minutes of the prior meeting, approved the payment of the audited bills, approved the transfer of funds in the Highway Budget to cover the costs of the roof replacement, and received the information from Donna Diehl that there were no communications to the Board from the Public.

Department Reports:

Maintenance: Anthony Cidras reports they are working on regular Fall maintenance.  Anchorage and Cheviot have been cleared and prepped for closing docks area. Mowing and cleaning up the soccer fields and after Playground improvements.

Sewer Departments. Mike Mortenson reports the Department was busy with seasonal duties, regular fall maintenance.  The Sewer Department reported 28,000 gal/day usage and they received 7 dig requests.

The Highway Department.  Mike reports the Department is clearing leaves from culverts and ditches, clearing branches and brush along the roads. Wood chipping will begin next week. The docks in the Hudson River are being removed for the winter.  Rich Jennings reminds residents that now is the time to inspect and make sure chimneys are cleaned, to avoid fires.

Police Department, Roger Rekow reports that there were 229.5 hours of service provided in the Month of September, a larger number than usual because of the Apple Festival. Police Cadets had many hours of training.  The activity of the Department included: 1 traffic ticket, 13 warnings, 1 rabid fox, 1 alarm visit, and patrol visits to Cheviot:14, Anchorage: 11, Schools: 15, Palatine Park: 15, Dales Bridge: 9.

Committee Reports:

Park Commission: Joel reports that they had a meeting recently and they discussed plans for Halloween: a parade from the Manor to the Schools, etc.  Also the plans for the Holiday event are exciting with a whole menu of activities, carols and tree lighting

Economic Development Committee:  Bruce was not there but Roy said that the immediate effort is to get the RFPs for the Kiosk project approved by the November meeting, so the work and the money to pay for it will come from the $2,000.00 budgeted in this year.

Communication Committee: Don Westmore reports that they have coordinated the signage design with those for the Kiosks and hope to extend the color scheme of dark green, gold and white, through out the village, perhaps even to the Town Buildings when they are painted.   Website is nearing final design and he passed around a screen shot of the home page as it is proposed.

Sidewalk Committee: Roy reported that the DOT has had the paperwork for 60 days and we are looking for approval any day now.  Once approved, the Town can send out RFPs for the project and move forward with all steps so that they can break ground in the very early spring.

History Department: Sue Raab reported that they had a very successful celebration of Palatine Day with the school children.  She thanked the Highway Department for their help n transporting the students back and forth from the schools to the Parsonage House.

The History Department cooperated with the County Tourism office in developing a brochure about Self-guided Tours of historic sites in the County. Roy Brown suggests that the Economic Development Committee get in touch with the people who developed the maps for the brochure to discuss getting a comprehensive map of Germantown and its offerings [Historic, recreational, commercial and including the new bike-friendly status of the town.] Ms Raab tells the Board that the roof needs repair—shingles are coming off, nails are rusted. [Not a good sign for a long-lasting roof.]

Old Business:

Lake George South: Roy has received a more detailed proposal from JJRT for the rehabilitation of the Lake.  It proposes a pump and six underwater aerators spread out over the bottom of the Lake to regenerate a healthier ecco-system, plus a regular application of natural additives to encourage digestion of the accumulated muck at the bottom and that will reduce the proliferation of the invasive weeds that plague the Lake.

There is a pond in town that can show how successful the system’s process functions. They may have to send out RFPs for this job, but there are no similar firms offering this program anywhere around.  Roy asks the Board to approve using the remaining funds in the budget line item to cover the initial cost for preparing the lake for the next steps.

The estimate for the installation of the system and the annual continuing costs seem to be similar to or even less than dredging the lake. The Board agrees.

There is discussion of the addition /change to the Town’s cell phone policy.  The new Policy has been posted on the website but has received no comments, so Roy thought there was little controversial about it.  Joel says the thing to consider is why the town supplies cell phones at all to its employees.  As they begin to discuss this they decide that it is better to deal with it within the budget discussion, which will resume tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 16th). at the Budget workshop.

Cheviot Property Update. Tal says the deadline is within two days for the town to decide if the clean-up is within the standard required by the order.  If not, the Town can begin to clean it up themselves and then bill the owner. Don Westmore, who lives near the property, said that great strides have been made, leaving just a metal shell of a vehicle and some smaller debris items yet to be cleared out. Don also reports that the 4 cats that have been dwelling there are being taken care

South Road Property Update:  The Owner was in the audience and will meet with the Attorney to address the problem.

Germantown Consolidated School Student Project

Mr. Beaury came with the eight students who are serving as interns for the Town Board and they addressed the Board about their projects for his class.  Each student was tasked to examining legislation and to choose a law and then to draw up an amendment that they believe would improve it.  They have to defend their proposal.  In addition, they have each undertaken a project linked to the Town’s needs.  The eight students outlined their activities to the Board and were rewarded with praise and encouragement from the Board.

Roy tells Mr. Beaury that each year that this has been going on the students are better prepared and more ambitious in their projects.

9/11 Monument: It is in its location and easy to see from the road or parking area.  Sometime in the future they will have a more formal “unveiling and dedication” of the monument. [Dive by and take a look—best seen from a car between the entrance to the pavilion and the Swimming shack.  Or walk around to the far side of the lake and see it up close.]

Garage Roof update;  Very happy they went through the RFP process because they got a very good job done for much less cost than many offered. Job should be completed next week.

Playground Improvements:  Roy thanks Austin for his efforts to make this project happen and facilitating its completion.  Also thanks the Highway and Maintenance Departments for their essential work done to bring it to a good ending.  Clean up is all there is left to do.  Playground is now very welcoming and attractive. They are looking for a good name to title the area.  “Playground of Memories” is being considered.  Don w.: The Public should visit it!”

Sitting in the audience, Amy Corneau, spoke and volunteered to re-paint the outdoor art that is in need of renewal.  Roy asked her to come to his office and it would be worked out.

Dog Control Act: Motion to adopt this addition to the Dog Control Law to allow the Town to collect impounding fees and other costs from the owners for boarding and vet. services for loose dogs that are received or taken in by the Town.    All Vote Aye.

Hudson River Improvement Fund:   Roy asks for approval to request finding to build a shelter for canoes and kayaks for seasonal use as temporary storage during the summer season. All Vote Aye.

Supervisor’s Report:  There will be a “Thank You Lunch” served to Veterans on November 1st at the Kellner Activities Building… On November 11th the VFW will hold a ceremony at 11 AM at the Post.

Budget Workshop:  Next on Tuesday Oct. 16th, then again on Oct 23rd at 6 PM   If needed there will be an additional meeting on Oct. 30th.  The Public Hearing on the proposed Budget will occur at 6 PM on November 13th; the budget will be adopted after the hearing.

Eagle Scout Project.  Mitchell Black is in the process of getting approval of his plan to build a gazebo through the Scouts.

Roy thanks everyone on behalf of the Lions Club for the successful Apple Festival.  They have set the next year’s date for Saturday Sept 21,2013

The next Board Meeting will be on Monday, November 19, 2012, 7 PM

The Public Hearing on the Town’s Budget for 2013 will be at 6 PM on November 13, 2012.

To the best of my note-taking ability,

Kay Abraham 537-5404

Corrections, addition welcomed.


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