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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

My notes on the Public Hearing for the Town’s 2013 Budget:

  The Public Hearing was called to order at 6PM with the full Board present as well as the Town Clerk, Charlene Diehl.  The budget as proposed is (nearly) identical to the one arrived at in the last workshop.  The final page—the one that reveals the final numbers and the tax rate proposed, is exactly the same …


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NY State Health Insurance Exchanges: Where are they?

Here is a letter to the editor of the Albany Times Union that I sent today: (11/15/12) The issue of the Health Insurance Exchanges that were mandated by the affordable Care Act has surfaced in the news in the past few days since the re-election of president Obama.  the stories have concentrated on the dilemmas …

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Here is the text of my letter to the Register-Star regarding Congressman Chris Gibson’s next actions.  I was told it would be printed Thursday or Friday the 15th. I’m sorry for the various size fonts.  The original document in Word that I copied it from was all the same.  Hmmm. To the Editor, Register-Star: Chris …

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My Notes on the Town’s Budget workshop held on Oct. 23, 2012

This was quite a brief meeting that resolved the final questions and decisions made by the board and the supervisor about the initial proposed budget. The biggest decision was to agree to set the increase in wages to 2.5% for the majority of employees.  Some budget line were adjusted up or down in the range of …

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