What's going on in Germantown?


Here is the text of my letter to the Register-Star regarding Congressman Chris Gibson’s next actions.  I was told it would be printed Thursday or Friday the 15th. I’m sorry for the various size fonts.  The original document in Word that I copied it from was all the same.  Hmmm.

To the Editor, Register-Star:

Chris Gibson is now our representative for our 19thCongressional District.  He won this seat with plenty of crossover votes from those who supported President Obama and Kirsten Gillibrand.  His success in winning this seat came from his pivot to the “center” of the political spectrum.  In spite of his history of siding with the Tea Party Agenda, defunding the EPA & Planned Parenthood and trying to limit funding for women and children’s health (WIC), he portrayed his real positions as moderate and as willing to compromise in order “to get things done” for example, to get the Farm Bill passed.

I heard time and again from people whom I consider thoughtful that Gibson is “a reasonable man at heart, and will do the right thing” and turn away from his former extreme positions.  (Oh, by the way will he rescind his pledge to Grover Norquist to block all or any revenue increases?  Not yet? ) (Oh, and has he learned that women’s health issues are bad politically to mess around with?)

We will soon have a way to judge his proclamations about his new, moderate beliefs, as the lame duck Congress is faced with preventing the fall or drop over the Fiscal Cliff before it adjourns for the year.  The Republicans in Congress have some clear choices to make:  will they engage the issue with open minds or will they close the door to compromise and dig in to block anything President Obama tries to accomplish? Will they sacrifice the middle class AGAIN to protect the super rich ?  

Did they learn anything? I have no hope for many of the Republicans in Congress, but in the case of Gibson we have a possibility.  Will he live up to his pledges of moderation to his constituency? Or will he pivot back to his pledges to Grover Norquist and Paul Ryan?  Will he be willing to endorse turning Medicare into a voucher plan? (His mother won’t be affected, you know)

 I, for one will be watching his every vote. We will have two years of his votes to watch in order to see if he deserves re-election in 2014.

Kay Abraham

140 Old Saw Mill Road

Germantown, NY 12526


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