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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Conservative Pushback against Women’s Equality Act

Governor Cuomo has proposed the ” Women’s Equality Act” to update and codify New York’s various laws that affect women to bring them into compliance with the notion of Equality.  This includes references to equal pay for equal work, anti-discrimination law and health care law–including abortion rights.  When Roe v Wade was established on the …

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Chuck and Kay Abraham: Married 56 Years as of Jan 26, 2013

Will this marriage last?  Check in with us next year.

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Town Board Meetings December 2012-January 2013

Dear friends, Due to the hectic nature of our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and then becoming ill with the most common “touch” of pneumonia, I was unable to attend the November meeting and attended but did not write up the December Town Board meeting. Consequently I will  just summarize these two and report on the …

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Library Program: Be Prepared to Save a Life

Notice from the Germantown Library: According to a 2012 national poll by Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, which surveyed 1,000 Americans about their personal preparedness behaviors, nearly half of Americans lack emergency supplies for use in the event of a disaster, and more than half of parents do not have a designated meeting place …

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