What's going on in Germantown?

Town Board Meetings December 2012-January 2013

Dear friends,

Due to the hectic nature of our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and then becoming ill with the most common “touch” of pneumonia, I was unable to attend the November meeting and attended but did not write up the December Town Board meeting. Consequently I will  just summarize these two and report on the January 21st meeting

On Monday January 21st 2013 the Town Board was called to order by Supervisor Roy Brown at 7:00PM.  All Board Members were there, Mike Mortenson, Don Westmore, Joel Craig, and Joan Snyder. and Charlene Diehl, the Town Clerk. Janet Crawford was running the video for the meeting, Austin having now ended his job with the Town

The minutes of the previous meetings were approved unanimously, as was the motion to approve payment of all the audited bills.

Departmental Reports: 

Maintenance and Parks; Anthony Cidras reported that he has cleaned and replaced all heating filters and cleaned all the town’s grills.  He has installed a new sink in the garage.  He has been monitoring all the new aerators that are placed in the Lake.  Because of the continuing air and water movement in the Lake there will be no ice-skating this year. All the holiday decorations have been removed. The furnace went down in the middle of the night.  There was a problem in the fuel line and will be fixed by the fuel delivery folks.  He asked the Board to authorize him to obtain an ap for credit which will eliminate his need to put up large deposits when renting a piece of equipment.  All AYE

He requests the Board for a laptop that will, among other uses, enable him to monitor the XMA solar output.  The Board asks “how much?  Tentative approval will be finalized at next month’s meeting after getting some comparative prices.

Sewer Department: No report

Highway Report: Mike Mortenson gives Rich Jennings’s report  the Dept has been topping trees, plowing snow on roads, cleaning and greasing equipment for winter work.  He advises the Board that the village of Tivoli has purchased the old 1993 truck.

Police Department: Joel Craig  gives Roger’s Report:  7607 hours of service by the end of the year 2012.  In December there were 6 tickets issued, 31 warnings issued. Patrol visits: Cheviot: 34, Anchorage: 34 School Property: 33, Palatine Park: 34, Dales Bridge: 21.

Joel Craig announces an opening in the Zoning Board of Appeals and asks that anyone interested contact the Town about serving.

New Business:

The Board listened to a description of their plan to audit the Towns financial status for the year 2012 by the firm of Sickler, Torchia, Allen & Churchill. The estimate for the cost is not to exceed $20.000 unless something out of the ordinary is discovered. The firm anticipates the audit will be ready in June 2013. The Board approved the proposal unanimously.

Mr. Fred Mastroianni, president of Greenman Peddersen, Inc., the new Town Engineering firm, spoke with the Board members about moving the sidewalk project along. He requested that the town send a letter tot he DOT advising them that he was now representing the Town, which Roy will do immediately.

Roy asks the Town to approve the date of Sept 21. 2013 for the date of the next annual Hudson Valley Apple Festival, sponsored by the Lions Club with the cooperation from the Town.  They are in discussion with Olana to talk about coordinating their events.  Approved by the Town Board.

The State Labor Department asked the town to run a safety training class..  It will be held at 8AM on January 28th.

Roy asked the Board members to approve the cost (approximately $200.00 per person for himself and Don Westmore to attend the NYSAC  (New York State Association of Counties) conference for one day. All aye.

Faythe Smith announces that there is a great need for volunteers for drivers for Meals on Wheels.  One day a week for about 2 hours.  Call the Town or the Office on the Aging.

Don Westmore showed a video presentation of the new Town Website to be opened on February 1.  It is still a fluid work in progress, he said and welcomes feedback from viewers.

Supervisor’s Report:

At the end of the meeting Roy Brown announced that he had decided to not run again for the Supervisor’s position in Germantown when the elections take place this fall.  He had decided that two terms was enough and felt that someone else may want to step up for the job.  Everyone was surprised, though there had been rumors that he might not run.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, Feb.25, 2013

November and December:  Not a whole lot of stuff going on, resulting in quite short meetings and not much really interesting or revealing actions were taken.  And, I must point out, that failing my reporting to you, you have two resources to find out the actions of the Town Board:  The Columbia Paper, published once a week on Fridays features articles by Debby Mayer.  The Register-Star has daily coverage and on Tuesdays after the Board meeting you will find coverage by John Mason.  For some reason, after years of neglect, Germantown has newspaper coverage of its governmental meetings.

Consequently my notes on the meetings are not the only way you can find out what’s happening in town.  However, I will continue to try to cover all the important meetings and send you the notes.


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