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I am an ardent movie fan, as can be tetified by my oveused subscription to Netflix, where I have dug up every movie in history that I yearned to see. Old black & white films from the early thirties  are the staple of my viewing when the most recent crop offers no interesting films. I think I have seen every critically acclaimed (and many that were not) films made since 1935!  Some, of course, I have seen multiple times, since they are truly classics and warrant repeated viewings.

But, may I say, the ’60s films are mostly dreadful, bringing back every bad feeling I ever had about life then, viewed as a young woman.  There is no exageration about sexual and gender issues in “Mad Men” and I speak as a young woman working in Manhattan from 1958 to 1972. Ugh!

Somehow getting to an actual movie theater is difficult for Chuck and me, but we do try to see at least some of the films that are nominated for the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.  This year we have seen just four: Lincoln, Les Miserables, Argo, and Silver Linings Playbook.  all of which we enjoyed greatly. We have not, seen The Life of PI, which sadly really should be seen on a large thater screen and not on our 33 inch flatscreen on a dvd from Netflix. Even the trailer looks fantasticaly beautiful.

My daughter, Nancy Abraham,  will be flying out to LA for the Awards.  She is the Senior Executive VP of HBO in the Documentaries Division, and HBO always has some documentaries, both shorts and full length films, nominated.  The winners for Ducumentary Features are always accepted by the film makers themselves instead of a horde of producers.  Consequently, we never see Nancy on the stage, we only hear her name.  But that is enough to send a flurry of phone calls across the US for those of us who have a stake in the victory.

Perhaps her best picture this year, “Ethyl”, did not reeive a nomination, sparking upsetness around the “Doc” world since everyone thought so highly of it.  Consequently, this year  HBO has  just 4 documentary short films nominated: Kings Point, Open Heart, Redemption and Mondays at Racine, with “Open Heart” the one film that Nancy was directly involved with. We will be watching and will kep you posted.  We know that when the documentaries come up for awards, that’s the time you go check your e-mails.


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  1. Ellen

    Cross your fingers for ‘Redemption,’ by our friend (since 4th grade……..!) Jon Alpert. Yay Jon and Nancy.

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