What's going on in Germantown?

Congressional Environmental Scorecard for 2012

 The NY League of Conservation Voters just sent out its score card for our state. Naturally our Senators did well—90% for Schumer and 93% for Gillibrand, but the congressional picture was different.  In our area Maurice Hinchey (97%) now gone and replaced by Chris Gibson,  and Paul Tonko(94%)  scored equally well.  However, along the Hudson River Valley next to those reliable environmentally concerned Democrats we had Nan Hayworth-R ( just south of us) and Chris Gibson-R (right here, but within his former  20th District) who brought the averages down considerably.  Nan, now replaced by a Democrat, scored 46 andChris Gibsonstill here but in a new 19th District, scored 40%.  There were some really worse Republican Representatives north of us: Richard Hanna, with 17% and Tim Reed and Ann Marie Burkel each with 3%!!

Nan Hayworth has been replaced, but Chris Gibson is still here.  His rhetoric has moved towards the center, but we must see if he can move his actual record of voting 60% against important environmental legislation in this year’s session.  Republicans aren’t doing much good about anything since they are spending all their time voting against tax reforms and for greater spending cuts in environmental protection.  Unfortunately for us, our district will suffer from poor representation for at least another year and a half, and even longer if the Republican majority still controls Congress after 2014.
I’ll try to keep you advised of future important votes to be taken so you can add your voice to those who support a clean, healthy environment.
Kay 537-5404

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