What's going on in Germantown?

My notes on the Town Board meeting of March 18th 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Roy Brown.

Mike Mortenson and Joel Craig were present; Don Westmore and Joan Snyder were absent.  Charlene Diehl, the Town Clerk was also present.

The minutes of the prior meeting and the motion to approve the audited bills: All Aye

Roy Brown told the audience that there has been a suggestion about using a different method to approve the payment of the monthly bills but that any discussion by the Board would be done at the next meeting when the whole Board would be present.

Written Communication to the Board:

Charlene Diehl had received a letter of resignation from Ellen Epstein, resigning from the Planning Board. She has been appointed as the representative for Germantown to the Columbia County Environmental Management Board. (The final step will take place at the Board of Supervisors April meeting.) Roy asks Charlene to compose a letter (resolution?) from the Board thanking Ellen for her years of service to the Town on the Planning Board and the Comprehensive Plan committee.

Department Reports        

Highway Department. Mike Mortenson reports that they are preparing for tonight and tomorrow’s snowstorm. He reminds residents that the date of April 4th is the date of the annual Town’s Roadside Cleanup and that the Riversweep cleanup will be on April 20th.  All residents who wish to help are welcome.  The Department will begin sweeping the roads for spring cleanup later in the month of April. The Department will revert to “Summer Hours” on May 6th== 6AM to 4:30PM

Sewer Department. George Sharpe, Jr. reports that the average daily usage was 38,000 gallons in February.  He has been spending his time doing “spring cleaning” chores.

Maintenance/Parks.  Anthony Cidras reports that he has been doing Lake management tasks.  The program calls for dye to be placed in the lake to reduce the impact of sunshine on the growth of algae. In response to complaints by National Grid he found that the electric meter at Anchorage was burnt out.  Meter replaced. Nation Grid will be replacing all Town lighting lights and fixtures with LED in a program to increase efficiency.  All the work will be done by Nat. Grid personnel. The estimated annual savings could be as much as $7,400.00. He has been walking the trails, picking up garbage.  He thanks the Highway Dept for bringing wood chips up to where he can spread them along the trails.

Police Department.  Roger Rekow reports there were 94.75 hours on patrol last month.  There were: 1 disabled vehicle, 1 marijuana bust, 1 driving without a license, 1 criminal offense.  The patrol car made the following visits: Anchorage: 28, Cheviot: 30, Schools: 32, Palatine Park: 32, Dales Bridge: 18.  There were 21 tickets issued, 24 warnings, and 1 parking violation.

Committee Reports;

Economic Development. No current report.  They have met and may send out a survey to residents.  More information Next month.

Park Commission:  No current report.  They will beholding a “Sub Sale” on April 6th.

Sidewalk Committee: see Supervisor’s report below.

Old Business

Roy reminds residents that there are two positions open in the Planning Board and one in the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Also there are 3 positions open in the newly formatted Ethics Committee when it was increased from 3 to 5 members. If you are interested or just want more information about the duties, please call the Town.

 New Business.

Roger Rekow was reappointed to the Board of Assessment Review for a term to end in September of 2017.  Resolution: All Aye.

Property Complaint.

The Board put forth a resolution to the effect that the owners of the property at 4777 Rt 9G be advised that it is required to clean up the property and remove debris within 60 days and that there be monthly progress reports to the Board.  Resolution: All Aye.

Property Complaint.

The Town has been receiving complaints about the cars parked around the intersection of Northern Blvd. (Rt 35-A) and Rt 9G, resulting in obstructed vision for vehicles entering Rt 9G.. A hazardous condition has been created. In addition, a resident at the house on that corner experiences cars parked on his property and that cars parking next to the roadway have eroded the ground around the shoulder, resulting in large pools of water when it rains.

The Town proposed a resolution to the Dept. of Transportation asking that the DOT to erect “No Parking and No Standing” signs on the north and the south of the intersection.  Upon receipt of the resolution the DOT will put up signs 30 days later. Resolution: All Aye.

Supervisor’s Report;

Roy met with all parties to discuss the advanced detailed plans for the sidewalk construction. The Bid documents are being put together and it is hoped that bids will be sent out in May.

On March 1st he met for 2 hours with Carol Wilbur, Marketing Director of the Columbia County Economic Development Corporation, to discuss how the County and the town of Germantown can work together to improve economic opportunities.  On March 6th he went with Bill Black, the head of Columbia County’s Emergency Management Department, to be interviewed by the Moreland Commission to discuss the County’s experience with the several utility companies during the last weather emergency. The Moreland Commission is empowered to review the performance of utilities, especially after severe weather disasters.

Columbia County is currently updating its Hazardous Matter Mitigation plans.  Each Town is asked to develop its own plan and those towns that don’t may be denied eligibility for FEMA reimbursement funds. The County is updating its Local Emergency Planning Committee to develop partnership with towns to set up resources for HAZMAT response.

Joel Craig: When is the Town-wide Yard Sale this year?  Janet Crawford answers: May 18th.

NEWS:  Austin and Katrina Sullivan have a new baby boy, named Porter Liam, born on March 6th.  Congratulations!

 Public Comments;

Betty Ahrens speaks about a robbery that took place near her and wants to know why aren’t neighbors notified about such things?  Why weren’t neighbors asked if they had heard or saw anything? She feels that she shouldn’t hear about it at Stewarts!  Police chief, Brian Dubois, sitting in the back, says, “that’s where I heard about it!” Betty says residents should know when such things go on in town.

Kay Abraham spoke. “I want to back up Betty’s remarks.”  It seems very strange that the County Sheriff’s office doesn’t communicate at all with the Town’s Police Department—if not for assistance then for curtsey to the town, and for the benefit of the residents.  “Why is this not a basic policy?”

Roy assures that he will contact the Sheriff’s office about this.

Next meeting will be the 4th Monday—April 22nd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:43 PM

Notes are to the best of my note-taking ability.

Additions and corrections welcomed.

And go to to read my blog. Town meeting notes are there to read.

Kay Abraham 537-5404


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