What's going on in Germantown?

ZBA (3-21-13) meeting disappoints many. No resolution for the dispute.

Residents along Main Street were disappointed at Thursday’s meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeal. Tal Rippleyea, the Town’s lawyer, advised the members of the ZBA, Teresa Repko, Charles Abraham, Steve Savoris, and Tom Mollow, that the issues brought before them were out of their jurisdiction  because the time limit for such an appeal had expired, making all presentations moot. He suggested that the meeting not be called to order, however the ZBA members felt those who had come needed

to have a chance to speak about the issues.  Residents disputed the finding that they were too late to make the complaint
Frustrated residents did manage to put forth some of their  issues but the proceedings  had been labeled an “information” meeting only, meaning that no evidence  could be officially submitted for consideration by  the ZBA and no vote could be taken. . All this was on  the advice of the Town Lawyer, Mr. Rippleyea.  Residents were allowed to speak but ZBA members could not respond in any meaningful way.  Charles Abraham told those assembled that the ZBA members  had not received any of the paperwork that either side of the dispute had provided to the Town.
I did not attend this meeting and the information above is based on the comments of knowledgeable people
who were at the meeting.
Kay Abraham 537-5404
 PS: Please excuse the font changes in the text.  I still can’t modify it when it appears differently from what I typed in originally.

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