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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Public Meeting about Sidewalk Project June 16th 10:00 AM

For those of you who live along the path of the new sidewalks and those of your who are interested in developments in the hamlet, here is an important informational meeting: There will be a public meeting to discuss what progress the town has made to date, next steps and the construction phase of the …


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My Notes on the Town Board Meeting May 20, 2013

My Notes on the Germantown Town Board Meeting of May 20, 2013 The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Roy Brown at 7:03 PM Attending were Mike Mortenson, Donald Westmore, Joel Craig and Joan Snyder.  Town Clerk, Charlene Diehl was present also. The minutes of the previous meeting and the approval of the month’s …

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Final Vote on Purchase of AR-15 Rifles by Town

I am sorry to tell you that, contrary to our hopes, Germantown will not delay the purchase of the two AR-15 rifles after all. At the Town Board Meeting May 29th Joel Craig made a motion to withhold the rifles until after the officers receive training and are certified by the County Sheriff’s office. The …

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Does Purchasing 2 AR-15 Rifles Make the Town More Secure?

I plan to send this letter to all Board members and to Bruce Bohnsack. (Because he is interested and concerned)  I will send an e-mail advising our membership of what I am sending as an individual,–not as from the GDO, since we haven’t had an opportunity to discuss this among the membership. I will ask …

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