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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Maxine Waters on why HR 1256 IS A DANGEROUS BILL:

 By bringing H.R. 1256 up under a closed rule, the Republican Majority refused to allow any amendments on the bill, and limited debate and understanding of a bill that has broad implications for everyday Americans.  The complete text of [Representative Maxine waters ] floor statement follows.   As prepared for delivery:   I’d like to …


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My Notes on the Town Board Meeting of June 17, 2013

It was a short meeting this month–Started at 7 PM and adjourned at 8 PM!   The meeting was called  to order at 7 PM by Supervisor Roy Brown. Present were Mike Mortenson, Don Westmore and Joel Craig; Joan Snyder was absent.  Charlene Diehl, the Town Clerk, was present. Motions were made to approve the May Town …

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WE need Democratic Election Inspectors

We have recently lost two of our long-time Election Inspectors, Helen Kukon and Cindy Smith.  Roberta Griffin, also a stalwart at the polls has suffered some health problems that make it uncertain if she could do it this November.  Many of the inspectors are of an age that one can’t guarantee attendance at an event …

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