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The Germantown Board has held two workshop meetings focusing on the development of the 2014 Budget to be adopted in November. The first, held on Thursday October 17th covered a “Tentative Budget” that included all the requests from the Department heads, including pay raise and additional funding for equipment,& supplies that was thought to be desirable for the Department.  Many …

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Notes on the Town Board Meeting 10-21-13

  My notes on the Town Board Meeting October 21, 2013 Meeting was called to order by the Supervisor, Roy Brown at 7:00PM All members present along with the Town Clerk, Charlene Diehl, and the Town Attorney, Tal Rappleyea. The Board  approved the minutes of the previous meeting and the Audited Billsfor the past month with an unanimous vote. …

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More INformation about the 6 Ballot Questions on the ballot this November 5th

Harriet Greisser sent me this link to get more information about the 6 Ballot Questions. Become an expert! Amaze your friends with your detailed knowledge about important stuff!  Click on this site: Also see the rprevious article in this Blog

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Interview with Sam Pratt, new Germantown Resident

This article is from Enid Futterman’s blog. I’m sorry it wasn’t me that set up an interview with him nw that he is a local resident, but this article gives you an insight into his political interests.  Another resource that needs to be tapped! Kay Abraham  537-5404 [Sam Pratt told] Michael Singer and a roomful …

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There are 6 constitutional amendments proposed on the November 5th ballot.  They are somewhat obscure and have been not much in the news. If you aren’t a total political junkie  you will have not heard of them until they appear before your eyes when you vote  Below, thanks to the NYS League of Women Voters, …

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