What's going on in Germantown?

Saturday, November 16: Guided walk at “Keep Conservation Preserve” in Germantown

From  Ellen Epstein:

On this Saturday, November 16th, the marvelous folks from Hawthorne Valley will do a guided walk at Keep from 2 to 4 p.m., the second or third that they’ve done.  They’re especially enthusiastic about Keep.  If you want to let folks know, I’m sure it will appeal to some.  I’ll be in Washington (or rather, on Amtrak) or I’d be there myself. –E.

Winter Exploration at the Keep Conservation Preserve in Germantown, next Saturday, November 16th, 2-4pm.
This will be a leisurely walk through the fields and forests of this little known nature preserve. We will learn to identify some meadow plants from their dry remains which will be visible through the winter. This walk is free and suitable for all ages.

From Kay:  The Keep Conservation Preserve is located on Rt 8 just east past the Rockefeller House.  There is an open field on the left (north) and an entrance for a parking area a few yards ahead along the road.


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