What's going on in Germantown?

My Notes on the Town Board Meeting of Jan. 26, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Joel Craig at 7 PM. Attending were: Board Members Mike Mortenson, Andrea Dunn, Donald Westmore & Matthew Phelan and the Town Clerk Town Clerk Joyce Vale.

The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the prior two meetings and the payment of the December audited bills. Town Clerk Vale told the Board that she had no written communications to the Board to report.

Department Reports: Anthony Cidras reports a relatively quiet month in December. All the Christmas decorations have been taken down, he has spent a lot of time snowplowing and shoveling.  He has organized all the orders for materials he needs for the spring and summer tasks.  Joel says the Germantown Garden Club is donating a large tree to the town. Anthony says it is welcome.

Highway Department: Don Westmore reports two words: “Snow” and “Cold”.  The Department has spent a lot of time snowplowing, sanding and keeping culvert pipes cleared.  They have used over 212 tons of salt mixture so far.

Sewer Department: George Sharpe Jr. reports. In response to the Board’s request, he presents the Board with a list of short-term repairs and the consequent estimates for the cost. The DEC had asked the town to begin with a schedule of short-term repairs while the longer-term repair project was being developed.

Police Department: Roger Rekow reports there were 115.5 hours of patrolling logged.  This included 11 traffic tickets and 15 warnings, 1 auto accident, 1 dead deer on the road, also 1 injured deer.2 attempted assaults, 1 aggravated unlicensed driving charge, and two assists of other agencies. They made this number of visits to  these sites: Cheviot: 32, Anchorage: 35, School properties: 29, Palatine Park: 29, Dales Bridge: 21.

History Department: Sue Raab, the new head of the History Department, thanked the Board for her appointment and praised her predecessor Marguerite Riter.

Committee Reports:

The Board announced its appointments for the revised Town Advisory Committees:

 Community Arts and Tourism Committee:  Corrine Curry (Chair),Norman Mintz, Virginnia Sibbison, Billy Kimmel.

Business and economic DevelopmentRoy Brown (Chair),Patricia Hinkien, James Lawlor, Otto Lueschel

Parks and Recreation CommitteeBrittany Dufresne (Chair), Liz Bathrick, Ranee Snow, and Richard Mayr

History Committee: Jeremy Smith (Chair) Helen Henderson, Ruth Decker, Joan Burger, Nancy Balazs, Alvin Sheffer, Richard Coons, Hank Himelright, and Marguerite Riter.

Disaster Preparedness Committee:  Andrea Dunn (Chair), Michael Mortenson.  George Sharpe Sr., Linda Sharpe, Robert Beaury, Stan Pollard.

Independence Day Committee:  To be filled.

The motion to appoint was approved unanimously.

Joel advised that other members will be welcomed as additions to the committees and if anyone has an interest in serving on a committee they should call Town Hall or one of the Board members.

Corrine Curry says she is enthusiastic about the newly organized Committee structure.

Roy Brown: He reports that the signs they had expected had been held up slightly due to a misunderstanding, but that would be finished next week.  Also, two additional signs are being worked on and should be done very soon.

NEW/OLD Business:

Joel tells about the training he and the others in new governmental positions, Andrea Dunn, Matthew Phelan and Joyce Vale, the Town Clerk received from a 2 day session sponsored by the Association of Towns up in Albany.  Matthew found additional training was available for more specialized financial management if he attended the NY State Financial Officers’ Association Conference in April. He was especially interested in learning more about budget documents and internal controls, etc.  A motion was made to pay the $295.00 tuition for him to attend. All AyeAndrea Dunn says she heard some horror stories about local government gone wrong in some towns and said she was even more proud to be living in Germantown. Don Westmore challenges him to bring back information that is in language that everyone can understand.  Matthew signaled that he was up to the challenge.

Supervisor’s Report:

Joel tells that he has been developing a good working relationship with the other Supervisors at the County Board of Supervisors, especially those from our neighbors Clermont and Livingston.

He advises that the Board will meet for a report from the new accountant at 6 PM on February 24th, one hour prior to the February Town Board meeting.  This will be open to the public if they care to attend.

Joel noted the passing of Lenny Helsley a man who had been with the Germantown Fire Department for over 50 years.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM

From the best of my ability to decipher my notes,

Kay Abraham 537-5404

Corrections and additions welcomed






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