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Notes on the Town Board Meeting 3/24/2014

GDO: My Notes on the Town Board Meeting Mar. 24, 2014

The March 23rd, 2014 Meeting of the Germantown Town Board was called to order at 7:04PM.Full attendance: supervisor Joel Craig, Board Members: Andrea Dunn, Don Westmore, Mike Mortenson, and Matthew Phelan. Plus the Town Clerk, Joyce Vale.
The motions to accept the minutes of the prior meeting and the audited list of monthly bills were approved unanimously. There were no communications for the Board from the Town Clerk.

Department Reports;

Parks and Maintenance: Anthony Cidras reports that he is fixing what winter has broken, including a broken handrail and a broken bench. Still pushing snow, etc. He is getting the estimates for the replacement doors funded by a JCAP grant to provide greater security and the additional benefit of better insulation from the cold winds for Town Hall. He has 2 bids and is waiting for the third one. He is meeting to set up the spring treatment for the Lake. He has a batch of Iris to be planted along the lakeside.

Highway Department: Mike Mortenson reports that they are getting their sweeping equipment readied for clearing gravel from the roads when the snow is gone. They are patching the edges of roads where they have crumbled. They have set April 17th as the Roadside Cleanup Day. Anyone wishing to join the effort can show up at the Town Garage that morning. We are waiting to hear from Martin Overington about the date for Riversweep—another community/Town effort to clean up debris along the Hudson River. As soon as that is set it will be on the Town’s website. [And I will notify my subscribers-K] The John Deere tractor will return from its trip for repair in 2 or 3 weeks. Also the DEC will set the date for putting out the docks this spring in 2 or 3 weeks.

Sewer Department: George Sharpe Jr. reports that the average daily flow in the past month was 33,000 gal. Per day. There were 2 dig requests. He has contacted several contractors to choose from to provide the labor for the scheduled repairs to the sewer. That very night they were notified about a problem with a lateral sewer line from an apartment building on maple ave. and will be dealing with that in the morning.

Police Department: Roger Rekow reports that there were 113.75 hours of patrolling provided in the past month. Activities included: issuing 2 traffic tickets and 18 warnings, one EID call (Alarm), 1 vehicle lockout, 1 marijuana complaint, 1 trip for a 911 hang-up call, 1 mental health, and 2 assist EMS and Fire Department events. They made patrol visits to public areas: Cheviot:34, Anchorage:32, Palatine Park: 33, School property: 32, and Dales Bridge Park: 29. He advises the Board that his old computer will no longer work with the State programs he needs. (He still had windows 98) A new computer is needed; he has found one for less than $600.00 and the Board approved its purchase. He tells the Board that one of their old vehicles is not worth making the necessary repairs, according to the mechanics. They will seek a used vehicle from the County Police to replace it. The Board also approved the expenses for two people to attend a Driving Safety Seminar on April 1st.

Committee Reports:
History Department: Sue Raab was absent.
Business and Economic Development Committee:
Otto Leuschel reports that the committee, consisting now of himself, Roy Brown, Jim Lawler, Patty Hinkein, and Laurie Marchisio, has been looking at the ways to increase business in the Town. They are interested in developing an inventory of the Town’s assets, increasing involvement in events and tourism based on coordinating with the County and other groups by getting Germantown listed in brochures, maps, etc. Matthew suggests coordinating with the History Department as well. Matthew also mentions the upcoming Fourth of July celebration and the Apple Festival in the fall as other ways to increase visitors to come to Germantown. Otto says they are interested in all ideas!
Another effort will be to finally get all the new signage up and installed. Otto encourages the Town to go forward with a sign—already designed—that reads: “Historic Hamlet” “1710” and says “Shop, Services, Lodging” with a large arrow pointing up Main Street. He feels that a sign like that will be more effective in drawing people to make the turn on Main Street.
The Kiosks will come back from their winter hibernation and 3 other signs will be up shortly. The committee will meet Thursday evening the 27th, at Town Hall. “We welcome all ideas,” said Otto.

Cultural and Economic Development
Corrine Curry reports that they have really great news: There will be a new ARTSPACE, located in the little Mall on Palatine Park Road. Laurie Marchisio has provided space for a gallery and there will be a grand opening on May 24th featuring work by Dawn Breeze, a Germantown resident. More details will come later. The artists she has spoken with are enthusiastic to have this opportunity to display their work. Don Westmore thanks Corrine for her tireless work to make this happen. Corrine says they are working on ways to set up some musical events, and perhaps a “movie night” if the costs are not prohibitive. She says there will be a map of the town at the Kiosk, showing the location of various businesses, plus a rack card with a suggested bike route. The Bank of Greene County has donated two new benches.

Parks Committee: Andrea Dunn says they netted about $1,300.00 from their last sub sale. Their net was less than they had hoped because they had to purchase much of the basic ingredients, instead of having them donated. However they did make $1300 and that sum will be given tot he Town as a donation for the Fourth of July celebration. She hopes to coordinate with the Sportsmen’s Fishing Derby day, to provide food—perhaps a breakfast the same day—to earn a little more for the 4th of July event.

Jerry Smith, from the audience, spoke in the absence of Sue Raab about the History Department’s efforts to have the Parsonage be more visible to visitors. They had also thought of developing a rack card, highlighting historic sites nearby. (Clermont to Olana—see the Parsonage—and have lunch in Germantown!) They need to coordinate with others about this.

Emergency Preparedness: Andrea Dunn says committee members have met with County officials about the best way to get Germantown’s efforts on track with what the State and National levels of government have defined as needed. When a disaster or emergency occurs the town should be ready in the best way to facilitate the work of the responders. The motto to residents is “Help yourselves, then help your neighbors.” (Just as they say in airplanes, “Put your own oxygen mask on first then help others”) “Have an emergency kit ready.” {Examples of what constitutes a good kit will be shown).
She stresses that there is a lot of expertise and resources out there at all levels: County, State and Federal. Locally the Town needs to get its “ducks in a row” and set up procedures that will meet the standards set out. The Committee needs volunteers to help in many different ways and she will put out a list of the different skills and tasks that they need help with.

Fourth of July Celebration:
Matthew Phelan has been charged with organizing this event. He will follow the template of previous Fourths but will try some new events and ways of doing things to increase attendance. Generally he plans to open the event at 4 PM and have various activities for adults & children, food, drinks, music and end with fireworks at 9:30 PM.
Here is another activity that needs volunteers to make it come off well, so the call is out!

Old Business: Sidewalk update. Joel says the DOT has given its permission for the Town to engage in getting all the Right of Ways signed up, and as soon as that is completed the bids can go out.

New Business: Appointments made, unanimous approval: Claude DiMauro to a term ending in Sept. 30, 2018 to the Board of Assessment Review.
Appointment of Linda Gerlach as Summer Park Program Director and Lena Alessi as Assistant Director. Joel says information about the Summer Parks Program will be out soon. Q? Will there be a swimming Program this year? A: NO. [Work on Lake]

Supervisor’s Report:
Recap of Town Board Workshop meeting March 17th
[See my previous Notes on this meeting for detailed information.-K]
Joel announces that there will be a free (donations welcomed) rabies clinic at the Kellner Activities Building on April 19th for rabies shots for cats from 10AM to 11AM and dogs at 11AM to noon. There are other dates at other locations posted in the lobby of Town Hall.

There will be another Sub Sale by the residents held at Palatine Manor on April 4th. Look to the Town Website for details

The Fire Department will have a BBQ on May 3rd. Chicken/Ribs “Eat in or Take Home.

Germantown High school play” Wizard of OZ” Friday, 3/18 & Sat 3/29 7 PM Sunday 3/30 at 2 PM

Next Town Board meeting April 28, 2014 7PM

Public Comment
Jerry Smith asks if the Board has discussed setting up a new committee to look into he Comprehensive Plan yet. Pleas for another look at the possibility for expanding the Sewer District. Joel says the consultants will look at that carefully and make recommendations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM

From My notes taken with the best of my ability
Kay Abraham 537-5404


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