What's going on in Germantown?

Gibson Must Go

I submitted a “letter to the Editor” on Sunday to “The Columbia Paper” regarding a “letter to the editor” that was published in Friday’s edition of the paper (April 4th).  I hope it gets published.

See below:

In his letter in last Friday’s paper 4/4/2014, Mr. Simons writes in praise of Chris Gibson’s background, his loving family, his military record, his winning personality, and his committee assignments as our Representative for the 19th Congressional District. He praises Gibson’s website. However, he misses including any mention of his voting record and generalizes with the phrase “His legislative accomplishments are too numerous to mention…..” Well, I will be happy to mention his “accomplishments”

He has voted for every effort to “repeal Obamacre” even though the Republicans have no plan as an alternative.

He has voted in favor of the Ryan Budget in spite of the fact that its passage would negatively affect every person in his District by repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, slashing domestic spending by billions, raising military spending, LOWERING taxes for the top income levels, voucherizing Medicare and placing Medicaid under “state Block Grants”.   (And it also increases the deficit , according to the CBO!).

Gibson voted to close down the government in the vain hope to prevent it from paying its bills.

He has voted to cut or deny health services for women. He voted to cut Food Stamps for the needy.

He has voted to cut the operating budget for the EPA and to prevent its enforcement of Clean Air Regulations.

He has voted to maintain offshore tax loopholes for the very rich. He has voted to keep every tax advantage the very rich have that helps them pay lower taxes than middle class income families.

He has voted against every effort to reform the banking system to make it more accountable.

He has voted for every misguided bill that the Tea Party wing of the (former) Republican Party has put forth—bills that could never succeed because they were so extreme—but joined no action to create jobs, repair the US ‘s neglected infrastructure, and refused to extend unemployment payments to the most desperate among us.

Chris Gibson doesn’t have a District that has a lot of “fat cats’, yet every action he takes makes it easier for people who are very rich to pay less than their fair share of the cost of economic and social programs that keep the US from falling into a true oligarchy.

Gibson does not vote for the true interest and well-being of his constituents.

He should be replaced.


Kay Abraham

140 Old Saw Mill Road

Germantown, NY 12526



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