What's going on in Germantown?

Notes on the Town Board Meeting 4/28/2014

I was not at the Town Board meeting on Monday, but Don Westmore kindly took notes and here they are: Below:

Germantown Town Board Meeting Notes
April 28, 2014

A relatively short meeting yielded the following results.

1. No Town Clerk communications.
2. Maintenance Dept.
a. Repairs to the Highway Dept and garage roofs completed
b. Applied to Columbia Green for 3 student helpers obtained for 7 weeks, from early July into August 15. Federal program to help students aged 17-19 gain work experience. No cost to Town.
c. Kiosks have been re-installed; stones put in dog park; mowing has begun
d. Picnic tables will so be placed at the Anchorage and Dales Bridge parks
e. Parsonage snow finance removed
f. The first day of road clean-up gathered 525 lbs of garbage; Dave Black is leading the 9G cleanup
g. Herrington’s bid was selected to replace the Town Hall external doors with State mandated security doors. The Board approved ordering the doors, but asked to see pictures, to assure the building retains a welcoming exterior. The front door will be half-glass, and look like normal house doors.
h. A new grass mower was procured at last year’s price, $9913 (under budget). One bid was rejected as unrealistically low; specifications were not met. Need to move quickly to get $2700 grant.
i. Despite extensive repairs made to a Maple Ave. apt residence, more repairs are needed; awaiting engineer’s proposal.
3. Police Dept
a. Leasing replacement for the second Ford sedan for as long as 10 years, vice purchasing, is under consideration
4. History Dept
a. The CAT (Community, Art and Tourism) committee (Billy Kimmel) has agreed to help with publicity
b. A new resident has offered to help the History Dept with grant application writing
c. An extensive oral history project is underway, with help from the Library
d. Roof shingles continue to fall off due to rusting nails and incorrectly spaced shingles. The vendor claims to have no obligation to fix the problem, which is complicated by the State Parks Office requirement to be era-authentic. The chimney is similarly deteriorating seriously, and new, preferably plastic, gutters are needed to replace those stolen presumably for scrap metal resale. The Dept is looking into obtaining a grant.
5. BEDC: putting together questionnaire; and finalizing new signs for 9G.
6. CAT: Progress on reviving ARTspace is moving forward, towards the re-opening on June 24th
7. Parks
a. At request of Little League, the Board approved contributing $500 for a port-o-potty for Little League games, and to examine the cost-effectiveness of repairing and upgrading the wooden toilet/refreshment stand. The firm that had for the past two years had provided the port-o-potties free in exchange for an advertising sign discontinued the practice this year. The Little League will shoulder half the rental cost, although other towns provide toilets free. The Little League is also putting in new clay. The budget contains $4000 for ball field improvements.
8. Preparations for the July 4th celebration are proceeding apace: Fireworks are secured; drafting a business donations letter; safety measures; parking management; live entertainment; soliciting vendors; display tables in the Activities Bldg, communications, etc. Looking for volunteers.
9. Mike Lawson has agreed to manage the rewriting of the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, and will present the new version at next month’s meeting.
10. No update received from the sidewalk project engineering firm.
11. Eagle Scout candidate Mitchel Black’s gazebo project is approaching completion. It will be located near the corner of Main and Palatine Rd in next couple f weeks, so as not to obstruct line of sight for drivers.
12. The Board approved Clarkson University’s request to install a self-contained environmental monitoring station at the Anchorage. It will be one of 100 to gather data for a year, running on solar energy. The Town will ask to present results to the Board.
13. The Board approved renewing the Germantown/Livingston/Clermont highway cooperation agreement.
14. Martin Overington announced that this year’s riversweep—the 14th–will be on Saturday, May 10th at 9 a.m. Volunteers will gather either at lower Main or Cheviot. We will partner with Riverkeepers’ valley-wide riversweep. Teenagers are welcome. Cleaning up some of the creeks as well is also under consideration for next year.
15. The Town-wide, day-long, “shop until you drop” yard sale, and the Garden Club’s plant sale is scheduled for May 17th. Participants may have their address listed on a map for $5, and may secure a space in Palatine Park for $10 by calling Town Hall by May 10th. 537-6687. Maps will also be distributed and posted on-line.
16. The Summer program has received a $500 grant from the Haggerty Fdn, thanks to Janet Crawford’s efforts. Information on the program will be available on the website soon. The program will be a week longer this year, at no extra cost. It has been revamped under new leadership, with new trips and activities. Brochure is ready, on web soon, call Janet. But no swimming this summer.


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