What's going on in Germantown?


PLEASE NOTE: School Board election is next Tuesday, May 20, from noon til 9 PM at the school building. Here’s the reason that you should vote even if you have no children attending the school.

The school system has gone through some difficult times recently. Now there is a new Superintendant, Susan Brown, who seems to be generally admired. The School Board has recently been dominated by some very conservative points of view. Because the health of the school system has a direct impact on the ability of the Town of Germantown to thrive we need Board Members who have the comittment to education, the intelegence to face difficult choices, and a sharp view of how to allocate funding for long=term progress.

You all pay school taxes and a smart Board will help the School systrem make the most of its possibilities. Jerry Smith has been following School Board actions for years. Especially, he has been closely connected through the life-long devotion of his wife, Cindy Smith, to the children of Germantown. David Forman’s children have gone through the School system and David holds dear to his heart his prior years on the Board. He knows the cast of characters and the issues facing the school system. His return to the Board will be especially valuable.

There are four candidates running for two positions on the school Board.  As you see from above I am recommending two people I know very well and that I think will be great additions to the good functioning of hte Germantown School System.  Remember to vote on Tuesday, May 20th at the school building from noon to 9 PM.

Kay Abraham

PS:  Also on the ballot is the opportunity to vote for or against the School Budget.


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