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Notes on the Town Board Meeting, June 23, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Supervisor Joel Craig. Attending were all Board Members: Andrea Dunn, Don Westmore, Mike Mortenson, and Matthew Phelan. The Town Clerk, Joyce Vale and the Attorney, Tal Rappelyea were there as well.

The Board unanimously approved the Minutes of the prior meeting and the motion to pay the Audited Bills. Town Clerk reported that there were no written communications to the Board. Joel did have two letters he had received. One was from the Supervisor of Livingston to thank the Town for lending it the flashing speed sign, which they had temporary need of. The second letter was from a resident who wrote to praise Officer Josh DuBoise for his assistance in an emergency. “He was a fine example of a trained officer”, she wrote.

The Town Board made a presentation of appreciation of her service to Margurite Riter, the long=time Town Historian. During her service she had become an expert in all things historical for the Town. They gave her a plaque and a copy of a resolution naming her “Historian Emeritus”. She said thank you to the Board and wished George Sharpe Sr. .had been there so she could thank him for appointing her       in the first place. Family members were there to witness the presentation.

Town Department Reports:

Maintenance/Parks: In the absence of Anthony Cidras Janet Crawford gave his report: “Lots of mowing, weeding. Treatments for the Lake have been started, a Dogwood tree has been donated by the Garden Club and has been planted in the Dog Park. Three young local people have been hired as summer workers. (See resolution to hire below)

Sewer Report: George Sharpe Jr. said there was an average of 26,000 gallons per day of Sewage flow. There were 7 dig requests. The Flow Meter was recalibrated. He had sent out 7 RFPs and had 4 responses but only one bid for doing a list of needed repairs. The contract was awarded to that bidder. Don Westmore asked if they knew why there was such a small response. Joel said that they were legally required to offer the “prevailing wage’ only and that some had expressed that they didn’t want to come in in the middle of a larger project.

Highway: Mike Mortenson gave the report: They are busy mowing, repairing “soft spots” in the roads. They have cleaned the ditches and shoulders of several roads They helped Clermont lay blacktop for two days. They have set schedules for oil/stone application and will begin in August.

Police Department: Roger Rekow reports that there were 139.5 hours of patrolling in the month of may, including 11 traffic tickets, 25 warnings, 1 trespass complaint, 1 resisting arrest, 1 road hazard, 1 transport for the Court, and 1 assist Welfare Department.

Visits were made to the public places: Cheviot: 32, Anchorage:31, School property: 28, Palatine Park: 32, Dales Bridge: 25. Roger thanked those who donated Tazer Clips to the officers and another who helped with some welding they needed.

History Department: Sue Raab reported they still have many repair issues but the situation “…is not s dire as it was last week” They are developing a “hand-dug well” project with the Bard Archeologist, who has been involved with the Parsonage for several years.

Parks & Recreation: Matthew Phelan reports that they have met their minimum goal for staffing with volunteers. However, they still would like to get a few more people (about 8 spots) to help with various tasks. Landscaper Collin Brown has volunteered his crew to help with the parking . Anthony Cidras will help with the facility prep and upkeep, trash removal. Roger Rekow and the Police Dept. will cover the security needs. The Sportsmen’s Club will have a large food stand. There will be Beer, Soda and water available. Fireworks, Children’s games, organized by the Summer Camp Counselors. Music! An excellent event, all around!   The ticket booths will be in place at 3:30. The event is being advertised in the Register-Star and on CAT radio.

Emergency Preparedness: Andrea Dunn reports that they have presented their Plan. They are awainting response to their effort to have a regional Training Session held here in Germantown. Sometime in the next 2-3 months.

Old Business:

Delaware Engineering representative Mary Bath…gave a report on the progress of the grant application for the Sewer Plant. She says the existing Sewer Plant is in the terminal stage of functioning, The DEC has asked for the Town’s plan to address it and they want to see a Long Range Plan She has filed the Consolidated Funding Grant which will pay for the comprehensive study that will enable the town to seek major funding for the project. This initial request is to pay for that study, It is for $30,000 with a matching expense from the Town of $7,500. which can be in the form of in-kind services. The town can use its Highway Department personnel to do certain prep work, etc. in lieu of $$ from the Town. There is an “Accelerated Funding” process that she hopes to be part of. The announcement will come in early October with disbursement in December-January which would enable the actual work on the Sewer in 2016. If by chance the large grant is not forthcoming there are a number of other state agencies that can serve as partial funders and so we could create a bundled source of funds, only if the big one fails us.

Sidewalk Project: Joel met with the engineers and the Right-of-Way is completed except for one holdout and that will go to court shortly. With that Court’s decision they can go forward with putting the project OUT FOR BIDS (hooray!!) with the fervent hope to be digging in the Spring of 2015

Sewer Repair: Joel asks for the Board’s vote to accept the one bid for doing the list of needed repairs for the Sewer, as was detailed in George Sharpe’s report: All Aye.

New Business:

Three new young local, people are to be hired for summer work with the Parks/ Maintenance Department: Lucas Foster, Gabrielle Cidras and Jared Wynkoop   All Aye.

A motion was made to reduce sewer charges for a property that is vacant. Don asks how the amount is determined. This is not stated, but has been done as it was before. Joel, Tal will look into the formula and see if it is proper. With that stipulation, the motion is approved: All Aye.

A motion is made to establish the procedure for determining the amount that elected officials can use for their retirement calculations. All Aye.

Supervisor’s Report:

Joel emphasizes the wonderfulness of the Fourth of July Celebration, hopes for large attendance.

Joel says the work was going on that very evening to set up the new Gazebo at the corner of Palatine Park and Main Street. This is the gift tot he Town from Eagle Scout Mitchell Black. There will be an “opening “ when it is complete.

Joel reminds parents that July 1, 2014 is the deadline to get your child signed up for Summer Camp. They need the application form filled out and the Health approval form signed by the Doctor.

Public Comments:

Peter Fingar asked about the status of his sewer repair. Joel told him they have not yet received the Engineer’s report.

Kay Abraham asked the Board about the status of the signs that were designed by Norman Mintz. Joel said they are being cut now and they should have them any week now. He remembers there was an additional sign for Palatine Park being made but hadn’t been funded yet. He makes the motion to appropriate $1500 for that final sign (The others have already been paid for) All Aye.

The Board goes into Executive Session, but was not expected to conduct any business after that meeting is ended. This at 7:45PM. All departed the room.

This is to my best ability in note=taking. Additions and Corrections welcomed.

Kay Abrahan 537-5404



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