What's going on in Germantown?


The meeting was called to order  at 7 pm by Supervisor Joel Craig.All Board members present. Also attending were the town Clerk,Joyce Vale  and the Attorney Tal Rappelyea. The minutes ofthe prior meeting and the list of audited bills to be paid were   passed unanimously.

Department reports:

Maintenance: Anthony Cidras reports that he continues to do mowing and weed cutting. There was quite a bit of work associated with the set up and the clean up after closing of the Apple Festival which happened last weekend. They have completed two treatments of the Lake, installed new signage for the Town and painted the Beach House. The soccer fields have been set up for use and the new safety doors have been installed at Town Hall. He is talking with a solar company about installing panels on the Highway garage. Andrea asked about the swans on the lake. Anthony says the fake swans will be back in place right away. The only geese they have had at the lake is a single grey goose who may be flying off at any time. Board members praise the appearance of the Lake. Anthony says that the ecco-systems they have put in place are working and things are more in balance. They may be able to open the Lake to limited swimming next year.

Highway Department: Mike Mortenson

Autumn mowing and weed cutting is going on. Setting up for the changing seasons. They are checking the various basins to watch for leaves blocking drains. They will remove the dock at Cheviot in the next 2 weeks.

Sewer Department: reports that the had an average flow of 34,000/ gal per day. They had 3 dig requests. Work on the scheduled repairs is going on. They are replacing some steel pipes & railings. They mounted the panels over the controls.

Police Department: Brian DuBoise reported they logged 209.5 hours last month which included 120 hours training recruits. They responded to 2 EMS assist requests, and 1 domestic dispute. They issued 6 tickets and 8 warnings. They made the following patrol visits: Cheviot: 27, Anchorage: 26, School prpperty:20, Palatine Park: 26 and Dales Bridge 19.

History Department: Sue Raab reported that the film ”Germantown” was a big success at its 2 showings. The Lions Club will sponsor a third showing in Hudson on Sept 25th at Club Helsinki and the Library may have yet another screening. She asked the Highway department to provide once again transportation from the school to the Parsonage for the Heritage Days event activities on Oct 8th and a half day on Oct 9th. Activities will include high school science students, personnel from Clearwater and will focus on the history and the ecology of the Hudson River, with folk music added! The well has been made secure with a lock on the lid.

The history Department will work to collaborate with the Schools on other proiects in the future.

Sue still has a list of maintenance that needs attention: roof, trees, gutters. [The same list I have at my house…ED]

Economic Development Committee: Roy Brown tells of a meeting to be held sponsored by the Col.County Economic Board, gathering representatives from all the county’s towns’ individual economic development committees for an exchange of information. Germantown,& Chatham are in the top level of towns who have actively been seeking to improve their economic wellbeing.. It is hoped that the towns committee reps can meet quarterly in the future.

Roy praises the sister Committee for the Arts and Tourism for its successful ArtSpace shows, the last one having drawn visitors from afar. The next show will open on Saturday Oct 11th, with the reception from 5 PM to 7 PM . This show features local artist Steven Walling’s sculptures in wood.

Joel says the budget process has begun and they are making room for an attractive sign for public notices, similar to what the Schools and the Fire Department have. This will replace the antiquated metal sigh=n that gets rolled out for public meetings and certain events. Like an Art Show.

Parks & Recreation: Andrea Dunn: The committee has plans tht are being formulated for the fall events. They are thinking of changing the date of the Tree lighting event to December 13th since they want to avoid conflicting with Hudson’s big Holiday Walk event that is scheduled for Dec9th. They will coordinate the Halloween Parade with the school programs and we will know soon the details.

Emergency Preparedness: Mike Mortenson reports that they met with the County & Red Cross to discuss the expectations & requirements for having a contract with the Red Cross to help with using the Kellner Activity Center as a short-term shelter. Andrea and Mike both agree that the town should enter into an alliance with the Re Cross. The Kellner Building serves well as a warming shelter, but because it has no shower facilities or privacy arrangements it can’t be used as a long term shelter. However, if such is needed, the Red Cross can bring in equipment to deal with the emergency. Also the building could be used as a mobilizing center.

Old Business:

The board votes on a resolution to set the retirement days for elected officials. This is a second vote, necessary because of some technicality. All Aye.

Resolution to designate the Kellner Activities building as a Red Cross shelter,   All Aye.

New Business:

Resolution to hire Peter Volkmann as a consultant to the Germantown Police Department; discussion about this person’s presentation was in last week’s Workshop meeting. However, it turned out that some members wanted more discussion and perhaps an search for another person who could offer something similar. The resolution failed. Don suggested that the issue be revisited at the next meeting and in the meanwhile they will try to find an alternative offer.

Supervisor’s Report

Joel announces the “Golden Gathering” on Oct 11 at 9:30 AM and 12:00 Noon at Columbia Greene Community College. This provides information for Seniors.

There will be a Chicken & Rib Dinner at the Firehouse on Oct 4th from 4 to 6 PM

Joel announces there will be Budget Workshop meetings set for Monday, Oct 6th, Monday, the 13th and Friday, the 17th all at 7 PM at the TownHall.

The Budget will have its Public Hearing on Oct 27th at 6 PM, prior to the October Town Board Meeting, at 7PM.

To the best of my note-taking capabilities,

Corrections and additions welcomed.

Kay Abraham 537-5404



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