What's going on in Germantown?

Notes on the Germantown Town Board Meeting of October 27,2014

The meeting was called to order by supervisor Joel Craig. All Board Members were present:Don Westmore. Andrea Dunn, Mike Mortenson and Matthew Phelan. Also present were the Town Clerk, Joyce Vale and the Attorney, Tal Rappelyea.

The minutes of the prior meeting were approved: All Aye. The list of Audited Bills for payment was approved: All Aye; There were no communications to the Board from the Town Clerk.

The Board was asked for approval for moving funds from certain line items in the budget for this year into other lines to reflect levels of spending. All Aye.



Anthony Cidras reported on the ongoing maintenance work in preparation for the winter months.


Mike Mortenson reports that all trucks have been inspected. They have finished doing the hot patching of roads, mowing and trimming. They have purchased 175 ton of road salt and now the shed is full, ready for winter. They provided transportation (by wagon) for school children to the Parsonage for the event there. The docks at Cheviot and Anchorage have been removed for the season.



George Sharpe Jr. reports that the average flow was 33,000 gal per day. They had 10 dig requests. Everything is running well. Joel comments that they are making progress on the sewer connection problem on Maple Avenue. The Town will do the necessary excavation work and they need Board authorization to engage the services of a company with the appropriate grinder machinery to finish the job. Board votes ALL AYE.



Roger Rekow reports 116.75 hours of patrol in the month of September. Activities included 1 auto accident, 1 missing person, 1 lock out, 1 auto lockout, 5 tickets issued.

Patrol visits of public property: Cheviot: 24, Anchorage:25, Schools: 18, Palatine Park:24, Dale’s Bridge: 17. One Police officer has resigned ; they are down to 3 officers now.



Sue Raab reports: Thanks to Rich Jennings for the wagon and transportation for the school children. The well work has been completed. She is still concerned about th condition of the roof and the need for trimming some of the trees. She is told that the tree work can be finished before snowfall, but the roof repair can’t be done until later. They clarified with Sue that the roofing doesn’t have to be historically authentic. The search for funding will go on. She says the gutters need work also……



The current Art show is continuing through Nov. 2nd. They are making plans for a Jazz event in early Spring.



Andrea Dunn reports that the Halloween Parade was very successful—many kids there. Thanks the Police Department for their help. They are planning for an equally good event for the Holiday event to be held Saturday DEC.13th , scheduled to not conflict with Hudson’s holiday event the first weekend in December. Matthew asks if it is possible to block off main street for the event. Roger Rekow says it’s nearly impossible to close the street but they control traffic tightly for the safety of everyone involved.

Joel reminds everyone that the “12526.BIZ” annual event will be held at Central House on November 21st


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE: Joel asks Andrea and Mike if the Draft version is ready, and if so he asks that they send him a digital copy of it . They will send it.




Don Westmore says that the idea of establishing such a committee was looked upon favorably but wanted to go into it slowly, “step by step” to make sure it will be an enduring action. He wants to reach out to groups and interests within the town to see what kind of ideas they can come up with to ensure the preservation of Germantown’s natural beauty. He exchanged thoughts with Ellen Epstein, in the audience. They hope to set up a public meeting to gauge support and explore ideas in the coming months. There was discussion among the Board members about the steps to set up a CAC—if it comes to be, it could be done by Resolution or by a Pubic Law, with pros and cons to each method. That issue can be dealt with when the time comes.



A representative of the Delaware Engineering Company spoke, saying that the round of grants had not yet been announced. He hoped it would be in November. Getting this smaller grant would allow them to do the study for a draft report which would be the basis for the application for a major grant to resolve the sewer problem in a comprehensive way.



Joel says they are still waiting for another round of comments from the DEC in order to go ahead with engineering plans. Optimistically, they are still looking to begin digging in the Spring.



Resolution to modify the procurement policy by changing price limits and requirements for estimates and bids: All Aye

Resolution to accept the charge-back agreement with Columbia County for payment of Town’s share of EMS Fee: All Aye


The Board moved to going to Executive Session at 7:50PM. The audience, including me, left because the Board indicated that it would not be doing any more Town business after the session.


To the best of my note-taking abilities

Corrections and additions welcomed.

Kay Abraham 537-5404




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