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My Notes on the Town Board’s Meeting, Dec 22, 2014

GDO:   My Notes on the Town Board’s Meeting, Dec 22, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Joel Craig at 7 PM. All Board members were preent, Andrea Dunn, Don Westmore, Mike Mortenson, and Matthew Phelan. Joyce Vale, the Town Clerk and Tal Rappelyea the Attorney were there as well.

The minutes of the previous meeting and the list of audited bills were approved unanimously.

There were no communications to the Board from the Town Clerk.


The meeting began with a presentation from Mary Beth Biancone, our representative from Delaware Engineering, the firm that is undertaking applying for the grant to pay for a formal engineering study of the proposed repair and renovation and long-term improvement of our sewage plant. She was pleased to announce that we had been awarded a $30,000 grant to accomplish our needs. She pointed out that the DEC requires such a study before considering any further grants for construction from the NY Clean Water Program. The study should be completed in January, 2015, and the response should be received in approximately 2 months after that. The study will provide several options for the Town to choose from. Don Westmore asks if the study will include a look at potential future development? “Yes,” the study will include all aspects. “The Study will be a decision tool” she said.


Once the Town gives its approval to the detailed comprehensive plan that Delaware Engineering offers, it will take several months more to get the final approval from the DEC. Some modifications may be required but when it is finally approved by the DEC the engineering firm will have already undertaken some initial steps, so there isn’t a wasted period waiting for the final approval. The actual construction will take place beginning early in 2016.. Mary Beth feels confident in the forward momentum and acceptance by the DEC and of receiving the substantial grant funding needed. Their firm has a very high success rate in managing municipal projects.

[ Ms Biancone is a dynamic representative for her firm, with a firm grasp of the process and a secure background in the engineering aspects of their projects.—Ed.]



Parks & Maintenance: Anthony Cidras reports: He helped put up the town’s holiday decorations, gave the Lake its seasonal treatment, cleaned the Activities building several times ( there were lots of events in Town) and a new cap has been put on the highway shed’s roof and seems to have halted the leaks.


Highway Department: Mike Mortenson reports: from a message from Rich Jennings:

“SNOW/ICE storm 12/09==12/12” (says it all–ED) and “Have a safe and Merry Christmas”


Sewer Department: Mike Mortenson says the average flow was 45,000 gallons per day. There were 6 dig requests.


Police Department, Roger Rekow reports “There is no report.”


History Department: No report.


GCAT Art/Space: Corrine Curry presents an annual report: * see at the end of my notes

[She forwarded the text to me but I couldn’t get it to paste into this document. Consequently I shall summarize it: –Ed]

Corrine thanked all the many, many people who served as volunteers for the ArtSpace shows. She thanked Lori Marchisio who provided the space for ArtSpace, and the 40 artists whose work was shown in 2014. The Receptions for each show were successful, with the Peter Aaron show attracting over a hundred visitors.

She thanked her fellow Committee members, Ginny Sibbison, Billy Kimmel, Norman Mintz and Susan Raab. She thanked the gallery sitters who provided over 200 hours of volunteer service. She thanked Joel Craig and Anthony Cidras for their unflagging help. She provided a printed report with a review of all the 2014 events.*

Unfortunately ArtSpace is without a home for 2015, and all options are being considered. It may require flexibility since all ARTS such as music, theatre, readings, even dance. Individuals are working on solving these issues for 2015.

*Please see the full report in an e-mail from Corrine I am forwarding right after sending this information.



Park Commission: Andrea Dunn reports the Town had a successful Holiday event with wagon rides and activities for some 150 children who participated, plus, of course a visit from Santa. They are thinking to begin the Holiday festivities earlier in the day next year, ending with a walk to the hamlet for the lighting of the tree.

She says they really need volunteers, interested people in order to keep up the traditional events for the residents. She thanks the Town employees and those who donated funds, time and materials for the Holiday event.



Don Westmore brings up the issue of establishing a CAC (Conservation Advisory Council) based on the discussion at the Town Board’s Workshop meeting the previous week. He sees an initial task would be to determine Germantown needs. He would like to call a gathering of likely residents in January of February to

get input from interested residents. Andrea says she is OK with the idea of a CAC because it is an advisory committee. “Right says Don. It will not “impose” anything on the community.


Mike Mortenson brings up the Junk Law he asks Tal Rappelyea, the Town Attorney, “Where are we with the Junk situations?” Tal tells the Board that they can proceed. They have already gone through the preliminary steps, including a hearing and a decision, so they need to take the next step, perhaps an “Appearance ticket” summoning the property owner to court. Fines can be imposed. The Board feels it must take action of some kind.



There is an End-of-Year Meeting on Dec.30th and one on Monday, January 5th , the Organization Meeting where the annual details of the Town’s operations are set or reaffirmed. This is such things as schedules of meeting, annual appointments, the official newspaper for legal notices, etc.. at 6 PM.


The Board left for an Executive Session at 7:55 PM, and did not expect to conduct any further business after that.

Corrections and additions welcomed.

Kay Abraham 537=5404



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