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NY Court: Yes, You can Paddle on Navagable Waterways

Judge says paddler can use waterway Posted on   February 26, 2013 at 5:51 pm  by  Rick Karlin, Capitol bureau – Times Union A state Supreme Court judge has ruled on behalf of a newspaper editor/outdoor enthusiast and guide who purposely paddled down a supposed private waterway in order to test the laws about the use of public waters. …

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Congressional Environmental Scorecard for 2012

 The NY League of Conservation Voters just sent out its score card for our state. Naturally our Senators did well—90% for Schumer and 93% for Gillibrand, but the congressional picture was different.  In our area Maurice Hinchey (97%) now gone and replaced by Chris Gibson,  and Paul Tonko(94%)  scored equally well.  However, along the Hudson River …

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Listen to the best animal, bird sea-creature sounds!

This morning (Feb. 2, 2013) on NPR there was a piece about Cornell University’s Macauley Library which has released its archive of bird, animal, sea creatures, etc. calls. You can browse through their library to hear thousands of calls–some more interesting than others!  This is a great source of information to satisfy your curiosity or …

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Pennsylvania Court Upholds Towns’ Rights to Zone out Fracking

FROM THE PITTSBURGH POST-DISPATCH: Harrisburg Bureau Chief Laura Olson: or 717-787-4254. Read more: HARRISBURG — A dispute over Pennsylvania’s attempt to establish statewide zoning for Marcellus Shale drilling likely is headed to the state’s top court, after an appellate panel on Thursday overturned the new rules. Judges on the Commonwealth Court ruled that …

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Town’s Anti-Fracking meeting July 26th

Although there was a point in time when I thought this meeting might be cancelled because of the dire storm warnings being broadcast, we were fortunate to see the storm head south of us.  Happily, there was a fairly large diverse crowd attending. Here are my notes: On Thursday, July 26th, the town of Germantown …

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