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Notes on the Budget Workshop 10-19-2014 (Please see editorial comment at bottom of story) The budget workshop held on Friday, October 19th had full attendance of the Board and the Police Chief, Brian DuBoise and the two Police Commissioners, Roger Rekow and John Rustici. The meeting was to discuss the budget proposed for consideration by …

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Town of Germantown Budget Workshops Oct.6th,2014

GDO:   On Monday, October 6th, the Board met to discuss the proposed budget for 2015. The proposal in their hands (the “Tentative Budget”)was based on Department requests and estimates, including a general 3% wage increase. The process is that in this first meeting the Board goes over the figures and engages in discussion about anything …

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The meeting was called to order  at 7 pm by Supervisor Joel Craig.All Board members present. Also attending were the town Clerk,Joyce Vale  and the Attorney Tal Rappelyea. The minutes ofthe prior meeting and the list of audited bills to be paid were   passed unanimously. Department reports: Maintenance: Anthony Cidras reports that he continues …

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My notes on the Town Board Workshop Meeting Sept 15, 2014

The meeting opened sharply at 7 PM with all Board members present. it opened with an appearance of Robert Beaury, who is both the Social Studies teacher in the Germantown schools, and the Town Justice. He first spoke with the Board about his practice of setting up an internship with students from his group and …

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GDO My Notes on the Town Board Meeting of 8/25/2014

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Supervisor, Joel Craig. Board members Mike Mortenson, Don Westmore and Matthew Phelan were present; Andrea Dunn was absent. Joyce Vale, Town Clerk, was there as well. The Board members approved the minutes of the previous meeting and the list of audited bills to pay. The Town …

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