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What is “sadomonetarism”?

Here’s another great column from PaulKrigman: Paul Krugman, NY Times 7/11/2014 One unhappy lesson we’ve learned in recent years is that economics is a far more political subject than we liked to imagine. Well, duh, you may say. But, before the financial crisis, many economists — even, to some extent, yours truly — believed that …

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Gibson Must Go

I submitted a “letter to the Editor” on Sunday to “The Columbia Paper” regarding a “letter to the editor” that was published in Friday’s edition of the paper (April 4th).  I hope it gets published. See below: In his letter in last Friday’s paper 4/4/2014, Mr. Simons writes in praise of Chris Gibson’s background, his …

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We have been outraged  about the cuts of SNAP benefits within the Farm Bill, but it’s not quite as bad as could have been.  Here’s some analysis from the NY times, plus more details  at the end  about the impact of the 4% cuts by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.  House Approves Farm …

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Poverty is Mainstream. Myths to the Contrary Face a Reality Check

  This  article is from the NY Times Opinion section  on Nov. 2nd  by Mark Rank It would be nteresting to see how our County –or the 19th CongressionalDistrict –would fit into the overall averages.–Kay Few topics in American society have more myths and stereotypes surrounding them than poverty, misconceptions that distort both our politics …

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HERE I am, on a partisan note, urging everyone to show up at the polls on Tuesday Nov. 5th to vote for Joel Craig for Supervisor and Billy Kimmel & Annie Provan for the two vacant Town Board seats.  I have grown so fond of Billy and Annie.  They have thrown themselves into their campaign, …

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