What's going on in Germantown?

Welcome to the Germantown Journal

This site is designed for Germantown residents who want to find news about their own town.  What’s going on in Town governmental meetings?  What activities are occurring  that might be of interest? Are there organizations that might be meaningful, or, at least, interesting and fun? Are there working Committees in town that will make decisions that will have an impact on your life?  Can you join one or several? Can you attend their meetings?

Are there art shows or musical events that you should know about? Did you write a book that you want your neighbors to know about? Are there local environmental issues you want to keep track of?  (Is Fracking an issue for you? We can tell you what Germantown is doing about it* )  What is going on in political life in Germantown? What is happening in the development of the Town’s budget for 2014? What do your neighbors think about an issue?  What do you think?  This site can be as good as we make it, so join in!

Check the listings on the right side of the page for recent postings; look under the categories for topics that interest you. I make every effort to limit any personal editorial content to Kay’s Blog. which is among the categories listed. In my Blog you will find my political point of view freely expressed!

There is also a category for other Opinion pieces that we receive. We welcome your comments, suggestions.

Kay Abraham, editor  518-537-5404

* see Report on Town Meetings, April 16, 2012, and more recent posts under Environment


  1. An admirable and welcome effort and a truly valuable public service in the honorable tradition of a single, sensible, patient and, above all, determined voice in the tradition of
    the likes of I.F. Stone, W. L. Garrison, H.D. Thoreau, Margaret Sanger, Emmeline
    Pankhurst, E. C. Stanton. Brava, brava divina!
    R.C. Montague

  2. Thank you from all of us for doing this huge service in the public interest!
    marilyn and del marbrook

  3. Jan Miller

    Thanks, Kay, for providing such a wonderful forum for the folks of our town!

  4. joan hintermeister 8/14/12

    to me
    Hi Kay. Your Journal is a wonderful idea, long overdue , and a real addition to the quality of life here in G’town.
    Congratulations and thanks.

    You might want to recommend to your readers a book I just read, “The End of Country.”, by Seamus McGraw.
    A saga of the impact of fracking on the lives of the residents of a small town in Pennsylvania. Poignant,
    sometimes funny, and spares no details as heavy equipment rolls through the once-quiet area, assaulting the
    environment and creating conflicts never dreamed of by the townsfolk. Available through our library.


  5. Julia aneshansley

    Kay…you are one of,the delights of belonging to this little town.
    Thank,you for,being you.

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